My name is Chris, I am known online in various places as either CrisisSDK or Seros Senric. I am a programmer, I have a Bachelor of Computing from the University of Tasmania and I have experience in creating websites and games both alone and as a part of a team.

When creating websites, I tend to code them up by hand using Notepad2 or Notepad++ as my text editor. I usually use HTML5 or XHTML combined with CSS and Javascript for client side and php for server side scripting, although I can also use ASP.NET and various languages with CGI, as well as Javascript with Node.JS.

For application development, my favourite language is C#, but I also use C++, Python, and other languages. I have made games using HTML5/Javascript, C++ with various engines such as ClanLib or Irrlicht, C# (with XNA and without), and too many varients of BASIC to keep track of, as well as other miscellaneous languages.

I can be contacted via email via chris at this domain.

It is said that among engineers, Chemical Engineers make the gun powder, Mechanical Engineers make the gun, Electrical Engineers the tracking system, and Civil Engineers make the targets.
- Someone